Install PWA from URL

I learnt I can install PWAs (web apps) directly from the app store. In that case they seem to run in separate container and not by the web browser. (I used “install” fron the browser before) Is it also possible to install a PWA manually by providing the URL? (Not all PWAs I use are available in the app store)
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Only using the touch interface of the device, the only way is to open in browser and install from there.

Thanks! But from the browser they will still will be run by the browser and not by /e/OS(?) Too bad, so I cannot really “side-load” a PWA? (like I can with Android apps using a .apk file).

Do others care about this? Would it make sense to do a feature request? (The app store as the only entry point seems very Apple/Google-like and contrary to the /e/ philosophy.)

Once “installed” on your home screen, no matter how, PWA will rely on browser libraries to run.
Interesting question: will these libraries depend on which browser has been used to create the PWA icon? I don’t know …

Some interesting readings about PWA:

Here’s some semi-scientific experimental results: I installed Pinafore ( in three ways: 1) install from the /e/ browser (which I guess is Chromium-based); 2) install from Firefox; 3) install from the /e/ App lounche. The behaviour is different in all three cases. 1) will use the /e/ browser (I’ll be logged in too when I open the browser); 2) will use Firefox (now logged in in Firefox); 3) will not log me in in either browser, it has it’s own user data, shielded from my other browser activities (FB cookies, bank logins, whatever). It also starts way quicker than the browser-installed apps.


Thanks for testing this.

(3) might just use the WebView component included in Android ready to be used by Apps to display web content. This should be more light-weight than any full-blown browser.

In /e/OS there is a non-user-launchable app/tool called PWA Player. I suppose that’s used to handle the PWAs installed from the store.

I figure if someone wants to use a PWA that’s not available via the store and also don’t want to use one with Firefox or Chromium browsers they could maybe use something like WebApps or Native Alpha for them (webview-based).
Shortcuts to the desktop can of course be created.

Some PWAs…

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Then it’s just a matter of getting the PWA URLs to use.