Install refused cause to SPL downgrade

I just try to install Eos, with TWRP recovery : the smartphone used is just buyed with Android 12.
I used the last 1.13 version Eos.
But when i start to sideload the zip , TWRP stops it and says :
“not possible , because SPL downgrade”: The Android SPL is dated on july, and what i install is june. May be i must wait the next Eos release… Or may be existing another solution ? Thanks

ps: my phone is a samsung S10e

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You may downdate your Samsung firmware, or wait for a newer /e/OS

what is your actual version ?
Something like G970FXXSGHWC1 (here bit G)

so, i just flashed Android dated of january 2023 : it’ s ok. I will try now to flash e.os.
I will tell you the result

So, all is ok. Flash recovery and ROM from ./e was well done.
Thanks a lot.

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