Install/uninstall /e/ on Samsung Note 10 Lite


Someone in my family wants to buy a Samsung Note 10 Lite smartphone. I recommended to use /e/ so the question is whether /e/ can be installed on it (or even better preinstalled).

Before deciding to buy it and replacing google android with /e/, it would be good to know classical android can be reinstalled if /e/ doesn’t work out for some reason or the user not comfortable with it.

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The note 10 is not yet supported,
After unlocking the Bootloader and flashing the Custom Recovery, Before intalling /e/OS, with TWRP, you can create an image of your previous system (stock-rom) partitions, which are restorable with TWRP.

Or you can reflash back to stock-rom with Heimdall or Odin.


to re-install the stock ROM (the original software) as it was, you can use ODIN (a tool made by Samsung).

Follow this howto, but instead of download and install TWRP, you have to download and install the stock ROM.

You can download it for free on sammobile (create a dump account and wait 1 or 2 hours for the download to complete, and unzip the zip file, then on ODIN click on “AP” and select the file).

Propose him/her Galaxy Note9. It has the same dimensions, same SoC, about the same main and telephoto cameras (or even better in some respects), adds wireless charging and its screen is hole-free.
But more importantly, it already got official support of LineageOS and crDroid, which automatically increases the chances of getting /e/ in the future and makes it possible to have mostly Goolag-free experience right now and fully get rid of Samsung’s tracking and bloatware.
If that choice had been offered to me, I wouldn’t even have looked at Note10 Lite.


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