Install works for Zenfone 8 I006D

I got /e/OS running successfully on my Asus Zenfone 8 I006D using the normal steps. I didn’t realize it was the wrong model number until I had already wiped my previous OS, so I decided continue with the /e/ installation and see what happened.

It seems that even the stock ROM installers directly from Asus see this model as the ZS590KS. When I was installing the Android 13 beta (it’s a long story), the first thing it did was recognize my I006D as the ZS590KS. This appears to be true with the other installers from Asus as well. Here’s a screenshot from my terminal output:


And one showing my model number and /e/ OS version:

Can we get this added to the list of officially supported models?

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I’m happy to hear that /e/ installation finally worked out for you!

Im not sure how Asus’s model naming convention really works. However, also my phone reads I006D in the /e/ settings about, despite I specificity was buying the ZS590KS Model.

Looking here, all these models are listed under the Zen8 phone:

I have a 8GB/128GB version, may the 16GB/256GB reads differently in AOSP, /e/…

Interesting. I’ve got the 8GB/256GB version.

My previous phone (Galaxy S7) had an issue where the specific sub model wasn’t supported by /e/. They used a different SOC in it for some reason, and that affected compatibility. I’m glad to know the Zenfone 8 doesn’t seem to have that same issue.

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