Installation issue with Easy Installer for Teracube 2e

I’ve attempted several times to install /e/OS on my Teracube 2e. Everything works well until the installation starts. Then I get a message: “The installation encountered an error”. The only error I see in the Log is:

(debug)fastboot: error: cannot load ‘%partition_image[0]%’: No such file or directory
Exit value = 0

Is there something I can do to get past this error? Or is this an issue with the installer?

Hi @skolarr welcome to the /e/ forum.

There is a fuller log you could check out following Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer.

Feel free to share the log here if you like.

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Thanks. Here is a link to the log file from the Easy Installer:

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The device is identified as a Teracube 2e

device product:Teracube_2e model:Teracube_2e device:Teracube_2e transport_id:3

Easy Installer progresses as if the device is emerald:

2022-08-27 12:09:56,492 INFO [JavaFX Application Thread] e.e.i.h.DeviceHelper [null:-1] loadYaml(/yaml/emerald_flash.yml)
2022-08-27 12:10:04,210 INFO [JavaFX Application Thread] e.e.i.h.DeviceHelper [null:-1] loadYaml(/yaml/emerald_fs.yml)
2022-08-27 12:10:04,211 DEBUG [JavaFX Application Thread] e.e.i.u.ConfigParser [null:-1] --> url:, filePath:
2022-08-27 12:10:04,214 INFO [JavaFX Application Thread] e.e.i.c.s.DownloadSrcController [null:-1] DownloadService.createTask(,
2022-08-27 12:10:04,221 DEBUG [Thread-22] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1] downloadFile(, C:\Users\Jason\AppData\Local\easy-installer\sources\emerald\
2022-08-27 12:10:04,900 DEBUG [Thread-22] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1] validChecksum(C:\Users\Jason\AppData\Local\easy-installer\sources\emerald\
2022-08-27 12:10:04,902 DEBUG [Thread-22] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1]   ChecksumLine = adf0031bfed5f70cda3c6c718e38874f9663aa192b5958a01b9a9e7b913a8f23

Is your phone the 2021 emerald model?


Yes, I believe so. I checked the serial number to make sure it was compatible and it matched. I also got confirmation from the Easy Installer that my device was a match before it continued to the installation process.

Sorry, other than the error you already observed, I cannot explain the fail.

Okay. Just for clarity: there is currently no known reason for the first error I pointed out? Is there something I could do to get past that point in the process? Is it an issue with the installer? Or should I just try a manual install?

It’s no problem if I have to go with the old fashioned method of installing. I’ve done it that way several times on other devices. I was just checking out the Easy Installer for the first time to see what the experience is like.


There is a big gap between the amateur first responder saying “I cannot explain” and “no known reason” :slight_smile:

In preparing yourself for the “manual” instructions you might review the log carefully yourself. I am sorry not to be more help – perhaps a Teracube owner or someone with more experience will recognise the issue.

(debug)fastboot: error: cannot load '%partition_image[0]%': No such file or directory

Good luck

I hadn’t seen this topic when it was new. In the meantime somebody else reported the same problem and the reason is that one of the scripts the installer uses internally is not correct.
More info at Teracube stuck in bootloader while flashing easy installer - #8 by Ingo_FP_Angel

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