Installation of /e/ on the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

I have got an issue to install /e/ on my tablet (Lenovo Yoga Tab 3).

I downloaded your e-image for this tablet.
But unfortanatly I installed the device with my fairphone 3 image and did no backup before.
This was a big mistake!

Now I see only the “Lenovo-Logo” and the tablet does not start anymore.
I coudn’t get into the adb-interface as well, but I get an access with fastboot and can start the fastboot-mode.

I asked your telegram technical support group. They told me, that I should use the SP-Flash-Tool.
But the SP-Flash-Tool needs a “scatter-loading-file”. I don’t know where I can get a file like this.

So first question: Must I re-install the original Google-Android-System, before I can install e-os?
It’s a pity, but on this topic (smartphone/tablets) I am a very unskilly user and I need a step by step introduction.

Thanks and best regards,

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Hi @oestin,
Welcome to /e/Land.

And what about TWRP ?
If it is still present, you easily could reboot in recovery mode, wipe /system, format /data and install another /e/ build !

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Hey Piero, thank you. I use /e/ on my fairphone too and I like it really.

No it was a big fault, but I didn t take a TWRP.