Installation of /e/OS on a Samsung Galaxy (7s) with easy-installer under Linux and device suggestion

Hello, I am completely new to /e/OS. I would like to switch to /e/OS. Before I switch completely, I would like to test it with a used phone. I might get the Samsung Galaxy 7s since it is relatively cheap for a test period.

I am running Linux (Ubuntu 22.04). I read /e/OS is installed be easy installer which is available for Linux.

In the install guide:
There is written, that for Samsung phones, there is a external tool called “wdi-simple.exe” provided with easy-installer. It would be called during the installation process to install driver. Do I understand correctly that this is only specific for windows machines (wdi-simple.exe is needed) - but for Linux it is working (might work) just fine?

If someone has a better idea for another phone not too expensive for a test period, please feel free to give a suggestion.

Hello @andre7, Welcome to this forum.

Even if the traditionnal way is not so difficult,

you can use the “easy-installer” that is expected to work for a Galaxy s7 on a Linux machine.
(avoid the s7edge that often Sliding hands)

My preference as cheap but fonctionnal /e/phone go to the Galaxy s4 (between 20€ and 50€) interchangeable battery and easy to repair device are other arguments.

Any other supported device is good also

Samsungs are very, very, very hard to brick, so a good device to start and old can be good :wink:
Oldest phone with newest Android version (just for fun) - /e/OS Smartphone Operating System - /e/OS community

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Thank you very much for your helpful answers! I do get this step towards /e/OS !