Installation of /e/os on redmi note 8t with miui 12.5

I have a redmi note 8t with miui 12.5 installed which is based on android 11. I would like to install /e/os but the version (0.21) is based on android 10 (Q). I remember reading some things about anti roll-back measures, so I was wondering how this works for Xiaomi.

My thought process right now is:

  1. unlock bootloader (Already triggered the 168-hour waiting period in the unlock tool)
  2. flash stock miui rom on there based on android 10. (is this still possible with anti roll-back?)
  3. follow the normal /e/os installation tutorial

Am I overthinking things and is it just possible to follow the tutorial like normal? If I do have to downgrade, what obstacles will I run into and what tools/images will I need?

optional: Is there any chance that there will be a rom for 0.21 with android 11 (R) that avoids this process?

Hi @Decafgreentea welcome to the /e/ forum. I think you are wise to think ahead. This post Xiaomi, Downgrade MIUI V12.0.5.0 and ARP (anti roll back protection) talks of my experience of #anti-rollback. I think that you will find it hard to get back to Android 10 with an official ROM. The easiest thing will be to wait for or hope for an /e/ Android 11 build. (Others might know what the time frame might be.)

The would be the place to find clues about downgrading the device and then installing an official Android 10 ROM, please do not expect it to be easy without some Xiaomi experience ! :slight_smile:

Check also UnOfficial Builds - /e/ community for an Android 11 build.

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Thank you for your input! I managed to downgrade miui 12.5 (android R) to miui 12 ( android Q)!

If anybody is wondering, I used this video: Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro | Downgrade MIUI 12.5 to MIUI 12 | Locked Bootloader | NO TWRP | Without Computer - YouTube.

Anyway, now that the android versions match I should be able to install it just fine, I only need to wait for the unlocker countdown for another few days. I can’t freaking wait haha.

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Just making a small update and an addition to help other future users looking to troubleshoot.

The xiaomi unlock countdown finished today, I followed the tutorial right after and it went smoothly.

The only addition to the tutorial would be to change formulation of installation commands to specify the location of the files that have to be pushed to the device:

  • fastboot flash recovery c:\recovery.img
  • adb sideload c:\

I renamed and dropped both the ROM and Recovery files in root of the C drive to make it super convenient to push them to my device. I think mentioning in the tutorial that the location of these files should be specified might be helpful. The tutorial probably assumes that you drop the recovery and rom files in the same folder as your adb files (which is where you open your command line). This applies to all tutorials (that dont push the image from the SD) and might avoid issues.

Nice work ! :smile_cat:

About the paths, the doc says :

Replace with the name of the /e/ OS file you downloaded in the previous section

Although it may be clear for some people that the example is for files in current working dir, it may say “… path and name, surrounded by double-quotes, of the /e/ OS file …”.
Feel free to ask here : Xiaomi - Redmi Note 8 - ginkgo - Documentation Suggestions