Installation of paid app from Google Play through Aurora Store

My phone: Fairphone 3+ preinstalled with /e/os.

I’m trying to install a paid app from Google Play on my phone using Aurora Store. I understand that I must purchase the app on my laptop then download it on my phone, but that I must have first downloaded an app to my phone to link it to my Google account.

What I’ve done:

created a Google account

installed Aurora Store 4.0.2 and logged in there using my Google account details

downloaded a free app through Aurora Store (to link phone to Google account)

On my laptop Google Play shows that the free app is installed and my Google account shows that I am logged into my Fairphone 3.

However, when I go to either the app I wish to purchase, or even to the app that shows as installed, Google Play shows ‘You don’t have any devices’. That means I’m unable to purchase the paid app.

This remains the case at least an hour later.

Any advice is appreciated as to how I may resolve this so that I can install the paid app.


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Not really the answer you’re asking for. But you might get in contact with the support for this app and ask if they’ve a solution for users using their app on a (google free) custom rom. Various app vendors have that.

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Thanks, I might try that.
I’ve since found out that the app I’m interested in would require a Google Play licence check, something it appears can only be done direct, and not possible through the Aurora Store even if I did manage to download it there.


Is the app on Apkpure?

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