Installation on a Moto G52 (rhode) XT2221-2

Hi! I’d like to share my experience installing /e/OS on a Moto G52 XT2221-2

First thing: the wiki says only XT2221-1 model is supported. I only noticed it when my device arrived and I saw the model XT2221-2 on the box!!! Nonetheless I could install /e/OS 1.21 T on it with no serious issues. Someone on XDA forums said they installed LineageOS on a XT2221-2 as well. I guess this model should be added to the list

I had to wait for 2 or 3 days for the OEM Unlocking checkbox be enabled. I saw people talking about it, but I couldn’t believe. It’s real! Someone called it “phoning home”. It should be added a note to the “Unlocking the bootloader” section of installation instructions for this device.

When I was about to flash the dtbo and vendor_boot partitions the phone screen was blinking every few seconds and the flash process would fail. Perhaps I got into bootloader using adb. It really is necessary to turn the device off and press and hold [volume down] + [power] to get there. Maybe another note should be added to the instructions saying what happens if you don’t get to the bootloader properly.

When the screen brightness is close to the maximum it rapidly alternates to a much dimmer brightness. Touching the screen makes it brighter again. It’s very annoying. I will report it as a bug

Internet in 4G (Vivo) using my carrier had to be configured in order to work properly. Calls and SMS messages were working, but there was no internet. I had to go to the settings → Network and Internet → this SIM card → Access point names and choose Vivo Internet. Never had to do this before. I have another SIM card (Correios/TIM) which works fine with no need for configuration. Perhaps another bug?

/e/ adopts the model information from LineageOS. Other custom ROM distributions only specify the code name ‘rhode’ without XT2221-1 and/or XT2221-2. The custom ROMs work on both 'rhode’ models, as they essentially only differ in terms of the continent on which they are marketed and the country code* with which they are equipped.


I have read about this but have not had to experience it myself. All three of my Motorola Moto G52, G42 and G32 were able to be unlocked immediately without any wait. I suspect Lenovo Motorola makes differences depending on the continent. Brazil ~ South America, in a broader sense Latin America, Canada and USA etc. are treated more restrictively than Europe, especially EU-Europe.

Interesting, but this section of this device’s page would make anyone think my device isn’t supported. Shouldn’t we add XT2221-2 to the list? Or at least add a note?

About booloader unlocking, I unlocked other devices (moto g7, moto g7 power and moto g4 play, all from Brazil) and this wait wasn’t necessary. Maybe they changed something lately

You and I can only share our personal experiences. Whether a note to this effect will then be added to the /e/ documentation will be decided elsewhere - in the e-team.

Yes, perhaps something has been changed at Motorola recently. “Moto by Lenovo” is still valid, even if this designation is no longer officially used and only the old Motorola brand name is still used. Lenovo is a Chinese company and now also uses Mediatek Mediatek Dimensity SoCs in addition to Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs. Let’s think of Xiaomi - and their waiting times to unlock the bootloader on newer devices.

Exactly. words must chosen carefully. I guess “supported” means a developer have a device available and did some tests or something like that. At least my report is here for anyone who searches.

Today I was able to unlock the bootloader on a relatively new Moto without any questions or waiting time:

Motorola Moto G73 5G XT2237-2 ( devonf )
SoC: Mediatek Dimensity 930 (MT6855V/AZA)
Released 2023, January

I have reported the bug about the brightness, but no one seems to have noticed it. Do I have to do anything else?

Please ask the chief moderator of this forum @Manoj

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The device does not have a dedicated maintainer. All the same, as it has been reported in GitLab, the developers will check if there have been any reports of similar issues with the build.

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