Installation on Avicii

Ok, long time user of /e/OS on various devices, but this was a first time install on a more premium device. This is my observations:

  1. The install was a breeze following the instructions - I use the command line and fastboot.
  2. My device was on Android 11 (EU - 11.1.10…), so ANDROID 12 is not needed. There is no Android 12 for this device as a stock ROM, only custom ROM’s.
  3. Following the instructions, download and use the custom e/OS recovery, it is easier than TWRP at this stage. It also contains the two required partition images for recovery, so unzip the zipped recovery and flash the two files in fastboot as per instructions - this is important.
  4. Be patient. The install will hang at 47% for quite a while, leave it alone and let it do it’s thing. Be patient.
  5. Basic things work fine so far, but I have yet to test SMS, MMS and Telephony, especially 4g(VoLTE and 5G if available).

Thank you to the porter. Thank you to /e/OS.

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