Installation problems on OnePlus Nord (AC2003)

Hello I try to play on my OnePlus Nord (AC2003) e/os. I followed the installation instructions.

  • Unlocking Bootloader - Done
  • Booting a custom recovery - Done (recovery-e-0.22-q-20220228166118-dev-avicii.img)
  • Sideload - **Signature verification failed, Install anyway? ** Error 21
    If I skip the step, the same message comes when installing the “”. **Signature verification failed, Install anyway? ** Error 21
    Can anyone help me with my problem. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @MarkusM welcome to the /e/ forum.

Just to clarify… in the page Install /e/ on a OnePlus Nord - “avicii” we see first the essential

Pre-install instructions
at the end of that paragraph we see

Warning: The Recovery will present a screen that says Signature verification failed, this is expected, please click Continue.

It would be important not to skip that step … but to press cancel. (Signature verification does not happen with an /e/ ROM so you are being nudged to accept or acknowledge that.)

Are you aware of the page OnePlus - Nord - avicci - Documentation Suggestions in case you might get some insight there.

Hello Thank you very much for the quick help. I think the real problem is that I didn’t downgrade Oxygen11 to 10 … :face_with_peeking_eye: and therefore have problems with installation and later in use. I have now played Oxygen11 again. These days I will downgrade and start a new attempt to install eOS. For now, thank you very much.

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hi, today the new installation started again. Downgrade from Oxygen11 to 10. The installation ran as described. After installation, I did a reboot. The name has now disappeared from the “Files” folder and some APPs can no longer be installed (PayPal). Deleting files is also no longer possible; the file manager then crashes. Something is wrong… and I have no idea what else I can do. Slowly I lose the desire…