Installed e on a Nexus 5

I managed to flash e to the N5 tonight. It’s quite impressive, a lot more polished than I was expecting. I haven’t managed to port my contacts over yet but I’m sure I will. It took a bit of messing about to flash but that was me not having the terminal open in the correct folder on my PC. I use Linux, none of that Windows stuff haha.
One of my hobbies is buying and repairing damaged phones so I will try to flash a OnePlus One next which is currently running Lineage Os. I also have a few Moto g phones as well.
One question is it possible to install apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp or eBay or will they break the security?

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Hi @demag thanks for sharing the feedback.
Yes you can install apps like Whatsapp - I have installed it and it works without issues. It will give you a warning at the start that you are using a custom ROM but accept that and go ahead with the installation.
Not used Facebook or ebay but they should also work.
As far as security is concerned using such apps itself is a security risk as they leak our info all over - unfortunately we have to do it since our friends and family members use it.

Never allow yourself to be a hostage to other people’s ignorance. :wink:

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Is this possible to have battery percentage on the Nexus 5?

I’m not sure but I suppose double tap to wake is not possible.

You can set the battery percentage to show along with battery icon. I am looking at a test Pie ROM where in Settings > you can search battery indicator which display various options and there choose Next to the icon.
In previous version you should be able to see it under
Settings – My device – Display and tick Display battery percentage.

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Thank you, found it in the end. There are these little details once I had on earlier versions and try to configure the same. Like I had with Xposed moonphase near the battery but I cannot configure it right now. However I can have that as a widget.
Or I used to have a highly configurable black bar (the one on the bottom edge of the screen, e.g. I can set one hand mode with a right swipe but did not find yet how to configure other gestures like screen lock). However I’m really impressed by e so far.