Installer stucked at last step(HELP)

Installer sutcked at last step. This is last log: detected filesystem for/dev/block/platform/1112000…
What sould I do?

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Which device are you trying to install /e/ on?
Which installer or instructions are you using? (Link?)

I used easy installer on linux, device is s9 samsung. I just unpluged cable, and it said that installation is over. OS functioning good now. It have been stucked for 2 hours, and exit log was 0.It stucked on last step after installer asked me to chose to create e.mail account or to check that I have one. Did I disrupted something or is it just common bug? Thank you for reply.

Did you select the checkbox, or clicked on the text? I think there is a bug with selecting checkbox. If you click on the text it works.

I checked that I already have an account and then clicked continue and then it started to loading something and then stoped. Last log was detected filesystem for/dev/block/platform/1112000… and then exit log:0.