Installing /e/apps store on LineageOS?

Greetings, /e/ community.

I’ve been testing /e/os on my Google Pixel 4a (sunfish) for a couple of weeks, and overall I like the experience. Unfortunately I’ve got a show-stopping problem, I can’t make calls to phones on the AT&T network here in the US. I suspect gitlab is the right place to raise that issue with the devs (correct me please), but until I get that resolved, I’ve installed LineageOS on my device. The 2021-12-09 build solves my calling issues.

Hopefully /e/ will adopt the LineageOS fix and I’ll be back to using /e/os soon, but until then I’d like to use the /e/apps application to install other apps. I don’t see a .apk anywhere, is there a way to install it without building it?

Thank you.

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/e/ apps is not a standard apk, it’s integrated to /e/ os, so I guess it’s not possible to install it on LineageOS (but correct me if there’s another workaround).

Simple question, did you activate VoLTE voice calls in the calls settings?
I know that most of US carriers just switched off 2G calls, meaning the device (and it’s OS) should handle VoIP calls…

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Not really - it is built-in to /e/.

In your place I woyld just use F-Droid for FOSS apps, and Aurora Store for everything else. /e/'s Apps doesn’t add any value, unless you think getting apks from a completely anonymous website about which no information is available ( is “added value” :slight_smile:

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It’s not a VoLTE issue. My phone is on the Verizon network and I can make calls to landlines and Verizon phones just fine. I can receive calls from anyone, including AT&T phones.

A call to an AT&T phone exhibits strange behavior. It connects, and the person on the other end hears a couple seconds of static, like I’ve pocket dialed them. Then it disconnects, they hear nothing, I hear “All circuits are busy…”

Thanks for the help though.

I assume this is the official Gitlab page for the Apps app.

The “Build Information” section of the readme says:

master - The APK generated by building the master branch can be installed on devices running Android 5.0 and above.

That’s why I assume I can install it on LineageOS 18 provided I build it from source first. I was just hoping there was a straightforward .apk download like F-Droid.

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In response to the /e/ apps question, other than the user interface, the /e/ store is pretty much the same app selection as the Aurora store, so I will second that suggestion by @petefoth above. I would just go with Aurora store – even not considering the potential issue, it will save you a lot of trouble since you’re already running LineageOS.

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