Installing /e/ on an A/B device with Magisk

I want to try installing /e/ on my OnePlus 7 Pro (“guacamole”), which is an A/B device, and I want to root it with Magisk.

I see the instructions here:
… and here:

However, I want to make sure that the fact that I am running on an A/B device is taken into consideration when flashing Magisk.

I plan to flash /e/ and then flash Magisk via sideload. Because this is an A/B device, do I have to do any reflashing of either of these, to make sure that the update is properly done in both boot slots?

Or are there any other special installation steps that might be necessary because of the fact that I will be installing and then rooting /e/ on an A/B device?

Thank you very much.

sorry can’t help with MagisK flashing. Because I’m totally against rooting android I’m sorry I have to ask: Do you really, really need root ? Do you know things like described here ?

The /e/ documentation doesn’t consider hints with A/B partitioning. The LineageOS Wiki gives at least some hints. My Tip: Also read the TeamWin - TWRP for OnePlus 7 Pro (guacamole) Install Instructions

Thank you, @harvey186, and yes, I understand the drawbacks
and advantages of rooting. I’ve been rooting my devices for years.

It turns out that some of the features that I want on my device
can only be realized when it’s rooted, and I’m willing to live
with the consequences.

Thank you, @archje. I have now checked those docs.

I have already installed TWRP on my OnePlus 7 Pro device (which has already been running a rooted OOS 10.3.1 for a while), and so I guess that I don’t need to be concerned about further A/B issues when I install /e/.