Installing /e/ on Fairphone 2

I would love to have /e/ on my 5-year old Fairphone 2, but I don´t dare to install it myself. I have the latest version of Linux Mint on my laptop. Two questions:

  1. Is there anybody who can do it for me? I live in Hilversum, the Netherlands.
  2. Will there be an ´easy install´ for the Fairphone 2 in the near future?

I can comment a bit on your second point.
There is a work in progress for FP2 support. I have created a binary test version in August, see /e/ OS “easy” installer: development thread about adding new devices

Not sure if anybody but me has tried it out, though.Whoever tries it should be prepared to potentially switch over to the manual flashing method. But at least the installer will bring the necessary tools to do so.

There’s also some hints how to diagnose in case something doesn’t work as expected: Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

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Thans for the info, Ingo.

Hi @Hansie, and welcome to /e/Land.

You don’t need computer,
as the FairPhone2 have TWRP already installed.
You just need to :

On your SDcard
Download /e/OS
Download TWRP 3.3.1-0

Reboot to recovery mode with your current TWRP
Select « install .img » instead of « install .zip »
Install TWRP 3.3.1-0.img
Format /data
Reboot to TWRP 3.3.1-0
Wipe /system
select « install .zip » instead of « install .img »
Install /e/
Wipe /dalvic Cache & /cache
Reboot to system

it’s done


Thanks Piero! But … I don think I can/ dare to do it. I even don´t quite understand the steps.


Have a look at this FP2 dedicaded page with the help of

Thanks again Piero! I am going to look at it, but that will take some time.

Hi @piero, thanks for your installing guide.
I’ll try to install e/OS according your steps.
Bevor I’ll starting I’ve some questions to e/community. Perhaps someone has helpfull experiences.

I use my FP2 also since 2015 but I useing it as a rooted one. I made all OS updates manually with fastboot on Windows and reinstallation fo XPosed framework with TWRP (like FP community post “Rooting FPOS (with GMS) with Superuser”). Therefore I’ve TWRP already installed.

Now I’ll go ahead with the following steps:
a) make some backups: TWRP, SMS- and phone historiy, contacts, calendar, Threema etc.
b) deinstall Apps there are not offered in e/app store.
c) upgrade my FP2 on e/OS.

Here my questions:
a) May I’ve any problems because I’m useing a rooted OS?
b) Will I have to Install my App inventory again after e/OS installation?

Thanks for all helpfull comments

After installation of /e/OS I want to share my experiences.
The installation was a very quick an ease thing. I’ve it done along the steps @piero described.
The result is, that I haven’t lost any app or app historiy like calls, sms, messanges a. s. o.
At first all looked fine. But by testing my apps I saw that some of them, especially open source apps lost there functions.

For some of them I found substitutes, also open source, like for my pdf viewer. Now I’ve a de-googled OS, thats a fine thing.

But I also lost privatcy protection and security because I can not use apps like Titanium Backup, NetGurard, XPrivacyLuaPro furtheron.

This disadvantidge I want to explain an example: I use the app This app get in contact inter alia with web sites like:

  • graph.facebook,com/443
  • maps.googleleapis,com/443

And the app tracks device data like:

  • app id
  • sim card provider
  • location of sim card provider
  • personal location information

In order to use the app I blocked facebook and google sites but not the google-maps-site. To do this I used NetGurard app. To surpress data like app id, sim card provider etc. XPrivacyLua sents fake data. Hence I could used google/maps functionality anonymously. Now I will be visible for facebook and google, if I woud use

If I may have a wisch, I would wish thas that e-foundation get in colaboration with the developer of NetGurard an XPrivatcyLua.

It looks like you attempt to install /e/ over your gogolOS without formating /data

Dirty Flash is only recomanded for update or test variants of the same OS and same Version

Just FYI: the topic was in the easy-installer category but in fact it’s now about manually installing /e/ on an FP2 so I adjusted the category and removed the “easy-installer” tag.