Installing /e/ on OnePlus 7 Pro device currently running Android 10?

I’ve already been running my OnePlus 7 Pro (guacamole / GM1917) for a while with stock OOS 10.3.1 (Android 10).

I want to try /e/ on my device, and I see in another thread here that my device needs Pie-level firmware installed before /e/ will work properly.

Does anyone know if I therefore need to downgrade my device to a Pie-based OS before I can install /e/ on it? Or will the stock Android 10 firmware that currently exists on my device also work with my /e/ installation?

Thank you in advance.

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Same question here except I wanna root it too can’t get adb going lol

Installing e-0.7-p-2020033047438-dev-guacamole on my OP7Pro (GM1913) having a stock Q worked.

But this procedure seems to cause the sensors to get get unhooked and unavailable in e. As discussed in the links below, a downgrade from stock Q to stock pie, then followed by install of /e/ seems to circumvent this:

Downgrade first, then install /e/:

I lawls bawls 10 too and I was able to get it after booting to recovery and wiping it it boots fine been using it some stuff is broken though.

LineageOS 14.1 (android 10) is out for Oneplus 7, 7T and pro. For some reason Lineage-OS-microG is not updated to provide a download, but when /e/ is doing the integration of micro-G itself, there should be possible to provide a build for android 10. They already published a build for Oneplus 7 which is not on LOS-microg.

So people at /e/: Could you provide a Oneplus 7 image based on LOS 14.1?

LineageOS 14.1 = Nougat.
Android 10 = LineageOS 17.1

The OnePlus 7 (guacamoleb) has already a beta build on Pie available on the download page.
For the OnePlus 7 Pro (guacamole), an unofficial pie build can quite easily be built with those instructions.
An unofficial pie built for it should come in less than 2 months (if not done).

Sorry for the mistate. I meant LOS 17.1 (not 14.1) = Android 10.
There is an official LOS 17.1 built for Oneplus 7 (guacamoleb) and Oneplus 7 Pro (guacamole) but for some reason on the microG page they are missing.

The stockrom (at least in my model) however is Android 10 so installing Android 9 or the current beta /e/ gives problems because all sensors are missing. It read about this problem and the suggestion was to downgrade the phone to Android 9 before installing /e/.

My question is: If /e/ is based on LOS and the LOS built for Oneplus 7 is 17.1 = Android 10, why do you only offer a build for Android 9? Would’t it be possible to use the official LOS 17.1 built and integrade microG and the rest of /e/ software?

To have /e/ on Android 10, the /e/ source code needs to be compatible with LineageOS 17.1 and it’s not the case (yet). Hopefully, /e/ for Android 10 should be ready in September/October.

It means that guacamole and guacamoleb will be officially supported by /e/ on Android 10 at this time.

Hello, I am new to the /e/ project and very keen to have it soon running on my phone - however I have the same problem as the TS: my OnePlus 7 Pro is running on Android 10.
Is there already a stable release of /e/ for Android 10 (since Anonyme mentioned it should be done in september/october)? And if not, how long will it probably take?
Thanks in advance for your help!