Installing /e/ on OnePlus 7 Pro device currently running Android 10?

I’ve already been running my OnePlus 7 Pro (guacamole / GM1917) for a while with stock OOS 10.3.1 (Android 10).

I want to try /e/ on my device, and I see in another thread here that my device needs Pie-level firmware installed before /e/ will work properly.

Does anyone know if I therefore need to downgrade my device to a Pie-based OS before I can install /e/ on it? Or will the stock Android 10 firmware that currently exists on my device also work with my /e/ installation?

Thank you in advance.

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Same question here except I wanna root it too can’t get adb going lol

Installing e-0.7-p-2020033047438-dev-guacamole on my OP7Pro (GM1913) having a stock Q worked.

But this procedure seems to cause the sensors to get get unhooked and unavailable in e. As discussed in the links below, a downgrade from stock Q to stock pie, then followed by install of /e/ seems to circumvent this:

Downgrade first, then install /e/:

I lawls bawls 10 too and I was able to get it after booting to recovery and wiping it it boots fine been using it some stuff is broken though.