Installing /e/ on SAMSUNG galaxy S4 SC-04E (japanese model)

Dear all,
I am using a Samsung galaxy S4 SC-04E, which is the japanese version of the S4 built with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T. It is a single sim mobile, not listed in the supported e/OS devices models.
Any of you is using (have used) this model ? Do you know if it is possible to install a S4 single sim version model (Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 SoC mounted ) on a SC-04E ?

Thank you for your kind answers and help !

here the link to SC-04E information
while english version of wikipedia Galaxy s4 page is describing compared samsung galaxy S4 versions information

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2/ I found an answer on a newer galaxy S model saying the /e/OS only support a specific chipset, thus I have added chipset specification and devices information links
(here the post name related to a japanese galaxy S7 : Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SC-02H answered by Pierre )

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I think you are getting the hang of it @babulol, searching the you have found the fairly wide range of Samsung S4 supported by /e/ but for each variant /e/ only supports the “Supported models” listed near the foot of each Info page.


Another approach to searching is via the devicecode, as in “jfltexx”. The devicecode of a proposed device must be an exact match with the /e/ ROM you plan to use.

You can find your own devicecode with reference to [HOWTO] Find device codename and /or try using the Android app AIDA64 Download 1.85 (APK) | AIDA64, available free in reputable app stores.

look like it is impossible,

from android, we got :
brand name / commercial name / device codename / model number


from xda, we got :

The list below contains the variants which can use the latest Official Unified TWRP Recovery or JDCTeam TWRP Recovery:

  • GT-I9505 (jfltexx)
  • GT-I9505G (jgedlte)
  • GT-I9507 (jtfddxx)
  • GT-I9508 (jfltezm)
  • SCH-I545 (jfltevzw)
  • SCH-I545L (jfltelra)
  • SCH-R970 - jflteusc
  • SCH-R970C (jfltecri)
  • SCH-R970X (jfltecsp)
  • SGH-I337M (jftlecan)
  • SGH-M919 (jfltemo)
  • SM-S975L (TracFone-StraightTalk)
  • SPH-L720 (jfltespr)

The list below contains the variants which need a specific TWRP Recovery version:

Thank you @aibd and @piero for your precise and helping answers
I simply need to forget about /e/ on this model.

As it is answered, I do think this topic can be closed, thanks again !

look at this before end up with this device :

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