Installing /e/ on Xperia 10 Plus


About 3 years ago, I installed /e/OS with the easy installer on my Samsung Galaxy S9. I found the process being not super easy, but not that difficult overall, everything went pretty well and I was really happy with /e/ on my S9.

But I ran into trouble when recently, my carrier (Vodafone Australia) decided to close their 3G network: I couldn’t make nor receiving calls anymore! This is because /e/OS doesn’t support 4G VoLTE calls with Samsung devices … so sad.

So I recently decided to replace my phone for a Sony Xperia 10 Plus, and install /e/OS on it.

So before I buy this phone, I have two questions:

_ does /e/OS support 4G VoLTE calls on the Xperia 10 Plus?
_ is it difficult to install /e/OS on the Xperia 10 Plus given it cannot be done with the easy installer? The only experience I have is with the easy installer.

Thanks a lot for your answers, much appreciated,

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After you get confirmation from someone else about the 4G VoLTE support I can help/guide you with the installation this weekend. Just take into consideration that there is always a small risk while performing the install.
First phones I used for experimenting with install were very cheap phone in a bit bad shapes. First Sony phone (Sony Xperia 10) cost me around 23 Euros. I bought it specifically to test how the /e/ OS installation goes…



Thanks @Cooler , your help is always much appreciated!

I hope I will soon have confirmation that Xperia 10 Plus can handle VoLTE calls on /e/OS.
I found one to buy on eBay and the guy is kind enough to unlock the bootloader for me if I ask them to do so, so that’s a good point. Plus it’s not a super expensive phone (around 140 euros) so I’m ready to take the risk of installing /e/ on it.

As I said I already install /e/OS on a Samsung S9 in the past, so I’m not entirely new to this process, although it’s a bit different on an Xperia 10 Plus as there’s no easy installer for it, meaning I will have to manually go through the process to get things done but I’m confident it will be fine.

In the meantime I had a look at the installation guide and one thing is not clear in my mind: I see 3 different /e/OS versions, Android S, Android R and Android Q. I searched for an explanation about the differences but I didn’t find anything.

Can you please explain the differences between these 3 ?


These versions are for different Android (versions): S=12, R=11 and Q=10 . As written to you in a PM you should wait a bit to install as T (Android 13) should come out soon for Sony Xperia 10 plus.
Once T is released the other ancient versions won’t receive updates, so no point in my opinion to install ancient versions that won’t be supported.
If you look at Q and R they have stopped at version 1.8.1 while S is on 1.19.
It is unusual for a phone to have all 3 versions of downloads still available. For the phones I use/used only the last version (still supported) is available for download.

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As seen on this Forum, dirty flash T over S can be done without data loss, so no need to wait for the T release, you can install S, then T

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You are correct but since he’s a beginner it would be simpler for him to do the flash only once…

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Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for the explanations, it makes perfect sense now.

At the moment I’m still waiting for someone on the forum to confirm the Sony Xperia 10 Plus is handling VoLTE calls on /e/OS, so I’m stuck.

But given @Cooler said the XZ2 launched in 2018 handles it, I don’t see why the Xperia 10 Plus that has been launched one year later in 2019 wouldn’t handle it?

What do you guys think?