Installing /e/ OS on Apple iPad

Have an old Apple iPad Air. What is the possibility to wipe the hard drive and install /e/ OS on this device?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Apple don’t allow this, so near zero (with the “near” perhaps accounting for some crazy hack I’m not aware of).

Another reason for dropping Apple. Apple has been said by other’s “its a digital garden”. I say it’s a “digital prison”. Once they lock you in there is no way of getting out.

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There are some tentatives to port linux on some apple devices.


That is not really a true statement. I have access to all my Apple content from most all OSes, and I can run a variety of alternative of OS and software on Apple hardware. Just because you cannot run /e/os on Apple doesn’t make Apple bad. /e/os doesn’t run on a lot of hardware, even non-apple.

Do you mean YOUR content on the apple device ?
ALL the content of your apple device ?

Which Android OS (doesn’t have to be /e/OS for now) could you install on which Apple hardware of yours and how?

That, and the infamous Apple App Store were the reason why I sold all my Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) and switch to Android.


Any of it on Apple phones or tablets? I run Linux Mint on an Apple MacBook Pro, and on a very old Apple Mac Mini. I have in the past run Windows on both those machines (using Parallels).

But on iPhones or iPads? My understanding is that only iOS can run on them. Am I mistaken? Are you able to run a phone OS other than iOS on an Apple iPhone or iPad? Does it work? As a phone / tablet? At all?

I’m not slagging off Apple as a company: they make great (if over-priced) computers. And I understand that the build quality of iPhones is pretty good too. But I have always understood iPhones and iPads to be the ultimate ‘walled garden’ devices: run any OS you like so long as it’s (a recent version) of iOS. Please do enlighten me if I am wrong on this.

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Thanks piero. Good to see there are a few Apple devices to install /e/ os. I have the Apple iPad Air. No go for me.

I mean exactly what I said, but more to the point of the comment that was presented… “digital prison”. This phrase has been used so far back. It’s just weak at this point. In fact, most people in that digital prison would actually call it digital heaven, as it all just works, and works well. In fact, Apple just topped Samsung as the NOW world’s largest smartphone seller. Seems the public doesn’t see Apple as overpriced after all.

But to that point, digital prison, the fact is that almost every piece of my content that have created or purchased I can use. I say that while I sit here on my linux notebook connected to iCloud and MS365, using Pages, Word, Excel and Numbers. My iPad pro sits next to that, and I have two iphones and a Fairphone in front of me. I can play the music purchased long ago, on all devices. I can stream music via, or with Apple’s app on all devices. The only real hitch to this is Apple movies I have purchased, and they do require Apple hardware, but that’s part of the licensing between apple and the industry, and I could have just as easily purchased those via alternative sites on my iPad Pro, and used them on other devices the same. But to say that somehow buying an Apple phone somehow locks you into Apple is a complete garbage statement.

The fact is that the iPhone was never developed to run Android, and somehow that is unfair? Why? You can always jailbreak it. And right now, I have a Samsung Galaxy 9 that I can’t put /e/os on, yet that is Android (seems the American version is diff than the EU version). And let’s talk other Apple hardware. You can run a variety of OSes and FOSS on those devices. Even the more recent Apple Silicon, M1, M2, with Fedora Asahi.

Here is a beta android for iPhone. I’m sure it’s going to be painful, but it does exist.

At thanks to @piero for the links above.

xancudo if you like Apple so much and have many of their products along with Google what are you doing here?

LOL good question. I like all products to be honest. I work in tech, and I see, and often deal, with all types. They each have their purpose, and strengths. I also like the challenges that come with it all. I bought a Fairphone 4 when it became available in the US because I was curious about the sustainability side of tech, and then the /e/os. When I first got it, I tried it a week, and then threw it in the closet for about 3-4 months. A couple of months ago I got it back out, and it’s really my daily driver at the moment. I wish the camera was more on par with better phones. It’s the worst thing about the phone.

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Looking at it seems more like an early proof of concept right now than anything serious, but yes, it exists. Interesting.

It’s not a prison, but you can always jailbreak :wink: .

Let’s see whether the latest developments manage to spill over to /e/OS …

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I read his yesterday, and hope it makes it way down. Good catch on the prison-jailbreak thing! LOL

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