Installing /e/ OS on Galaxy S7, feedback

Hi all

After using successfully /e/OS/ on a very old Galaxy S4 mini, I decided to install it on Galaxy S7. And it was a bit more difficult than anticipated. Here are the critical problems I encountered.

I first tried to use the easy installer from a windows PC. No luck there. After many tries, there was just no way to install the TWRP properly via the easy installer.

So I moved to a linux PC and started using Heimdall to install TWRP. Again, the process would just not go through properly. It gets stuck or crashes halfway. For some reasons, I had to use a downgraded version twrp 3.6.1 (from Download TWRP for herolte) for it to work.

From there I still needed to do the adb sideload which never completed either. It would crash randomly between 1 and 33% (most of the time around 5%).
I found out a much more convenient solution was to copy directly the on the device via the Linux file explorer (ctrl-C / ctrl-V) and then use the install option in twrp.

I hope this can help other users in need and developers to make this process more accessible.

Thanks for all the good work, keep it up.

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per device you can find installation feedback threads to share more centrally -

If an admin is around, feel free to move my post there of course. Since it is not just a “documention” issue, I was not sure where to post this message.

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