Installing /e/OS on Pixel 3a XL

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I recently bought a brand new Google Pixel 3a XL phone. So far as I know, there are 4 different models for this phone: G020A, G020B, G020C and G020D. Mine is G020C.

When I have a look on the supported phones on this page:
I see the Pixel 3a XL is supported, but I don’t see what particular models are supported.

Does it mean all 4 models I mentioned are supported?
I’m trying to figure out if I can safely install /e/OS on mine.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the deGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

By the way, I’m running checking all the requisite prior to installing /e/OS, and I see I have to make and receive WiFi calls to activate VoWiFi on my device. I’m wondering how to make a WiFi call?

The only option I found is in the Call app Settings > Calls > Wi-Fi Calling. Here I can either turn it On or Off. So I turned it On. There’s a message below this option that says: ‘When Wi-Fi calling is on, your phone can route calls via Wi-Fi networks or your operator’s network, depending on your preference and which signal is stronger.’

I made a phone call with the phone very close from my Wi-Fi router in order to make sure the call is routed through it.

I also installed the Signal app and made a call to one of my contacts, just to be on the safe side.

  • Do you see any other way to check that I actually made a Wi-Fi call?

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Pixels are very versatile. I think your phone will be just fine, so long as it’s carrier unlocked.

Thanks for the answer @Dave1

When I enter the following code ##4636##, I have the following result:

IMS Registration: Registered
Voice over LTE: Available
Voice over Wi-Fi: Unavailable
Video Calling: Unavailable
UT Interface: Available

As I expected to have Voice over Wi-Fi marked as Available too, I went to Calls settings > and I set Calling preference to ‘Call over Wi-Fi’. Then Voice over Wi-Fi has been marked as Available, but Voice over LTE as Unavailable.

So it looks like the status of these settings depend on the current calls settings, am I right?

Anyway, what I’m trying to figure out is: am I able to start installing /e/OS now, or is there something I missed that needs to be performed prior to start the installation?

Thanks a lot for your input guys,

yes, if you have latest Gogol firmware installed : 12.1.0 (SP2A.220505.008, sept. 2022)


I did all possible System updates. Now it says I’m on Android version 12, Android security update 5 May 2022, Build number SP2A.220505.008.

So although I have the correct Build number, it says Android 12, not 12.1.0, and it doesn’t seem to be from Sept 2022 but May 2022.

When checking for System updates I see: ‘Regular updates have ended for this device. Your device will no longer receive regularly scheduled systeme updates and security updates. Your Pixel 3a XL is running the last version of Android available on this device.’

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I have a question:
_ what /e/OS Recovery version must I install? S(12) or T(13)?
_ what /e/OS version must I install? S(12) or T(13)?

To my understanding, as my phone is on Android 12, I must install S or preferably T, but not R, is that correct?

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Firstly the install instructions will always be written for “latest”.

While the install method for Android 12 (S) might be similar, I would say, just install Android 13 (T) because this is latest. Installing Android 12 (S) would seem an “extra job” with little or no benefit.

(You are correct that you should not install /e/OS R, due to a simple rule that one should not use /e/OS to downgrade Android version.)

This may seem odd in light of

You can inform your own decision by checking at You should read the various warnings before clicking Acknowledge

You seem to have a match with the build SP2A.220505.008

but if you decide that you want to upgrade

My view is that you must install 12.1.0, but you are warned

Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android 12.1.0 firmware.

Thanks @aibd

I acknowledge that it’s a bit strange that the Android version of my phone is listed as “12” while the Build Number is that of 12.1.

Since my phone indicates that no further update is available, and the Build Number corresponds to Android 12.1, I believe it is indeed running on Android 12.1 and not 12 (see attached).

Plus I don’t think I have the necessary skills to flash it.


So I started to install /e/OS on my Pixel 3a XL:

_ I’ve enabled the Developer options on my phone
_ I’ve enabled the OEM unlock in the Developers options
_ at this stage, when I type “adb devices”, my PC finds my phone. It’s listed as ‘935AX04KV9’
_ but after I restarted it in fastboot mode, my PC doesn’t find it anymore (when I type ‘fastboot devices’, nothing appears in the command window)

Plus I see ‘Device state: Locked’ which does not looks good.

What’s happening? Why doesn’t my PC find my phone?

Try using another cable…

Normal as you just allow the unlock, but not yet send the unlock command itself.

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If a different cable isn’t the fix and if using a Windows PC likely you do not have the required “Combination” drivers. If you run Windows update while the phone is attached in fastboot mode, Windows is expected to find the correct drivers. (Here is the support page for FP4 which shows the same behaviour

The install page, linked Post #5 includes the instructions for Unlocking the bootloader needed to fix

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Thanks a lot guys,

Installing the proper drivers with Windows Update solved my problem.
My Google Pixel 3a XL is now running /e/OS!!

Thanks again to you all for your precious help, much appreciated :pray:

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One thing though: each time I restart my phone I have the following message (see attached).
That’s annoying.

  • Is there a way to get rid of it?

Also, I noticed that everytime I plug my phone to my PC, I have to go to Settings > USB use for > and choose “File transfer” if I want to be able to transfer files from my PC to my phone, as this option constantly gets back to “No data transfer”.

*Is there a way for this option “File transfer” to be persistent?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Yes , it is in the android settings into the called “developper’s tools” section

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You should be able to fix this from Settings > System >Developer options > Default USB configuration. (Oops @piero answered already!)

The image is of the Yellow warning screen. Not very pleasant in this case, different manufacturers apply the “rule” in different ways. It is part of “communicating to users” the state of verified boot:

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The image I posted shows an orange screen, not yellow. It says the device is “unlocked” and “data stored maybe available to attackers”, which doesn’t sound good at all.

How can I lock my device so that it’s safe from potential attackers?

Your device page, shows that bootloader relocking is not supported. This is the case for the majority of /e/ devices / builds, it is unfortunate that the warning is so intrusive.

There are arguments for and against relocking the bootloader, I will try to find a discussion link.

I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it was mentioned in my device page, thanks for pointing that.
I’ve read the reddit discussion, thanks for the link as well: I will definitely NOT try to relock my bootloader then.
But, my concern is the following: say my phone physically falls into malicious hands while I’m not physically here. Can those bad guys install malicious code on my phone (like a backdoor), or worse, gain access to my data? The data that is encrypted in my device? (As it is encrypted right?)

Check Settings > Encryption.