Installing E/OS on Samsung S7 edge not yet succesful ;-)

Then tried to install TWRP using this method. Install e/os with windows
I get stuck at this part of the instructions.

If red error messages show up, your phone is probably encypted but TWRP can’t decrypt the /data partition (it’s a common issue on Samsung phones).

To solve that problem, go to Wipe > Advanced wipe, select “data”, click on “Repair or Change File System”, then on “Change filesystem”. Select exFAT (or another one if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter), then swipe from the left to the right. Redo the manipulation but this time select ext4 (which is the original file system) then slide from the left to the right.
Go to the 8)A)1. part of the howto.

I choose to format

On the screen it says

formatting data using mkexfat

but it keeps showing the blue moving bar and at the top of the screen at says formatting.
I am stuck in this screen now. Shut down phone and reinstalled TWRP. Now TWRP gets stuck at the starting screen. Can not restart in android recovery mode either.

Any help installing e/os is very much appreciated

Thank you very much

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