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Hello ,

as much as i love e Os and recommending it to my community , i have a deal breaking bug , as the microG is not functioning correctly for some services as whatsapp and binance.

i would like to install the bare minimum of google services with the core package of nikgapps , i tried to flash the zip via sideloading it but it doesn’t work , can you please help ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the deGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

It is not going to work. microG and Google apps (whether from Google, NikGapps, MindTheGapps or anywhere else) cannot co-exist. Installing them on a device with microG will cause unoredictable problems and is not going to work.

What is the problem with WhatsApp? I use it on a ROM with microG built-in, and it works fine


thank you sir for your answer .
the deal breaker with the rom so far is that whatsapp doesn’t “detect” the google account so i can restore my previous conversation , while it works fine on other roms , on e/OS , the account detection works on maps and other apps that needs to connect to google.
also i have a problem with Binance , since it relies on google services for auth , i cannot configure 2 factor auth using passkey , so nik gapps is needed, as my redmi note 9 has only 3gb ram and the app keeps on reloading on the background whenever i go out of it to get 2FA code from my email client for example , which is very annoying , so the 2FA passekey is a must needed.

I can remove microG with ADB command pm uninstall --user 0 , if i sideload flash nikgapps then i factory reset format data , will this work ? if not , please provide a solution of possible as i like the rom and i’m sharing with my redmi note 9 community and it would be nice and be relieved to have a solution to this.

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this is the wiki of lineage OS ,the same method i used to install e/os , i do not understand the solution you’re pointing at ? can you please comment more about it ?

LineageOS allows you to install GApps, /e/OS doesn’t.
So, the solution is to install LineageOS on your device instead of /e/OS.

If you want to play it safe with your Google account, additionally you might want to check out Google’s registration of devices running uncertified Android OSes for the legitimate use of Google services at .

Thank you for your answer.

however i like the interface and the concept of e/OS, i really cant just uninstall microG using adb and flash the core Nikgapps?

The interface is mainly Bliss launcher, which you can install and use on other Android OSes, too …

If you like the concept, it would be better to get rid of use cases which force you to try hard to regoogle an OS which tries hard to degoogle.

Even assuming you would manage to uninstall microG and install GApps, /e/OS has taken further steps to degoogle the OS which should really make you think about this with LineageOS readily available for your device. In my book it’s just not worth the hassle to bother with this, you’ll only get an unstable solution at best (if you even get one).
As long as you really need GApps, just use LineageOS + GApps.

Try this method :

That method works well for me when I want to move my WhatsApp messages from one phone to another. No need for any Google account to do that.

I used this method to restore whatsapp messages after a factory reset :
Please note that it’s a little tricky when you completly wipe your phone. I discovered how to do so (really proud), but this video will summarize it better than me :