Installing on a Galaxy S8+

Hi All, newbie here, please be gentle :slight_smile:

I am using the Easy Installer on Windows 10 to install e/os onto a Galaxy S8+ (SMG955F) and all goes well until I get to this step:

I can complete the steps described on this screen on the phone successfully, however clicking ‘Continue’ on this screen does nothing. The only thing I can do is to close the easy installer and reboot the phone, which boots up into the Samsung OS, as if it was factory reset and is being setup as a new phone.

I really do what to de google my life, so any advice on installing this would be great!

Hi @bbb, welcome to the /e/users’s forum !




If you see that the transfert fails, try others cables



  • To get out of the Download mode you must Force Power Off your Samsung device,
    unplug the device,
    hold Volume Down + Power.
    release when you see the screen turn off…


  • immediately Boot to Recovery before any other boot mode attempt,
    hold Volume up + Home + Power.
    release when you see the very little blue line in the top of the screen…




source : [HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

Thank you for the reply. I can get TWRP to load by holding the power, the bixby button and volume up, however the easy installer interface simply goes no further:

Can I just review the expectations … regarding the list of “jobs” …when you use TWRP to:

Format data and turn off.

Tap on Wipe
Tap on Format Data
write yes
Tap ‘Back’ 3 times
Tap on Reboot
Tap on power off
Tap on ‘Do not install’

… having done those 8 jobs on the connected device … we expect the device to go down … this action allows ‘Continue’.

Is the device fully responsive as you take each step? Is there one thing that fails? Is that Easy Installer?

  • (You have done much more than half the job now … if TWRP is working it will be fairly easy to pick up manual instructions if Easy Installer is the failing item.)