Installing on AWS PTR record blocker

Hi everyone

I am attempting to install ecloud on AWS. Everything is smooth and the bootstrap script worked like a charm. However I ran into a problem setting up the PTR DNS record.

As the static IP’s are managed by AWS, they do not allow you to create a PTR record for the IP address through Route53 (their dns nmanagement tool). You can see this here:

The post suggests to submit a form requesting a PTR record for the IP address. I have submitted this form and have received the response:

Can you please explain what mechanisms you will be putting in place to
prevent being implicated in the sending of email spam.
Once we have this, we can evaluate your request.

I’m unsure of how to respond. Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

You can mention that you are setting it up for your personal use and also share details of the ecloud setup page url.

Thanks Manoj, I have gone back to them with a response that includes the setup documentation and an explanation that this is a personal server and will not be open to public account signups.

On a side note, I actually use protonmail for email and will not be using this for email services. Is there a way to not have to install rainloop / therfore not even require this PTR record ?

My guess is this confirmation is being asked to cover up any legal issues in future. For e.g. if later an account is caught sending out spam AWS will produce this letter from the user. ‘The user had assured us that he would use it for personal purpose only…’ etc etc.

That seemed to have worked. I explained it was for personal use and I was not monitizing it, all user accounts would be for personal use etc

They have created the PTR for me.

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Hi @pvek Good to hear that.