Installing paid apps via App Lounge that're shared with Google's family sharing

Hello everyone. I just installed /e/OS on my secondary phone, a Samsung Galaxy S8. I’m currently migrating the few apps I need and noticed, that I used to have two paid apps installed. I logged into my Google account inside App Lounge and in microG’s settings. After it didn’t work, I also noticed that the premium versions are shared via Google’s family sharing.

Is family sharing supported by App Lounge (or is it going to someday)? If there’s no chance for that, is it safe to buy it with the account I use with /e/OS so that it’s usable?

The more important one has a license app you purchase, so it’s not an in-app purchase. (It’s FX File Explorer I use to access Samba shares.)

Can’t speak to the other stuff (though I’m sure family sharing is not possible) I do have FX on one of my old microG setups. If I am not mistaken the license app is standalone and doesn’t need Google once installed.

To summarize:

  • Apps previously used via family sharing need to be bought again
  • Once bought, they should work as long as they don’t need Google access

You’re right about the FX license app. I used FX itself on my other phone to export the license app to some external storage and just installed the plain APK on /e/OS, unlocking pro features again.

I don’t know how complicated integrating family sharing is but it’s on my wishlist.