Insular on e/os?


Is there anyone who has installed the insular app on a e/os phone ?
I know that the Snowden phone (Pixel 6a) uses insular and i was wondering if this would be an extra layer between a bigtech app (whatsapp) on “the Island” and the rest of the degoogled phone.

And before answering like don´t use google like stuff, I know but some old folks/family are headstrong in installing signal for instance…

Hope to hear from you.
gr Mars
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Hi @rarret

Thanks! But your alternative solution raises the question why have you not (or some of this community?? Am i the first to try it??) tried insular?

What made you choose shelter above insular (which graphen os uses)?

Are there people here who use shelter on e/os?
And how does it work?

I m curious for your answer.

Gr Mars

I’m using Shelter with /e/OS mainly to use whatsapp for a selected number of contacts that I allow whatsapp to see.

You have a toggle to enable the so-called work profile, and Shelter allows you to duplicate your installed apps in the work profile. In my case I duplicated Contacts, Gallery and Whatsapp. The duplicate Contacts is empty at the beginning, then I filled it with a few contacts.

When I don’t need it I just turn the toggle off. Consumes more battery than the average usage I must say.

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Thanks @MaMaTT88 for your answer.
I installed insular for now and it works the same.
You clone already installed apps (contacts or browser ect) to your Island and install big tech apps solely on your island. I also cloned my VPN to the island. So when work apps (island) is active i also have vpn.

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