Integrate Email into Cloud

I have an alternate Emailacoount with my own domain. Can i include this into the e cloud?

I can send and receive email via the mail app on the smartphone, but i also would like to inclue this into the cloud.

Thanks for the help

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You can try (identify, then call the URL again), but /e/ Cloud won’t probably accept nothing but domain …

It should be possible to add your mailaccount to the /e/ mail application and sync it with Davx. I use Nextcloud for my files and the calender app syncs with the calender on Nextcloud. (the good cloud)
On my laptop TSync syncs also my thunderbird mail to Nextcloud/Agenda. For me it works perfectly.

that’s the problem, i could not include my personal domain

The domain list is probably limited by admins.
Maybe @arnauvp could confirm.

I see that you only can add an account to ecloud.
But why should you use that ecloud?

On your /e/ phone you can use the standard mail app, your standard contacts app to sync your contacts on ecloud/nextcloud. Also you can use the standard /e/ Agenda to sync and using nextcloud or other cloudstorage that has any app for you mobile for synqing your files.

You can also your personal emailaccount with the email app en on you pc, you can use several emailclients. For me i had Outlook to add my own emailaccounts, but since i use Linux Ubuntu i use Mozilla Thunderbird. With the extension TSync i can sync my Agenda/Contacts with Nextcloud.
Windows and Ubuntu has also a Nextcloud app and in the /e/ Store you also find Nextcloud.


Rainloop-nextcloud integration requires domain/mailserver configuration to be centralised, see the docs, scroll a bit for "Add domain ‘’.

So it doesn’t seem something we can implement for arbitrary domains. Feel free to open a feature request on GitLab, but unless we change the Webmail in eCloud it will probably not become a reality.


Thanks for the hellp
I am waiting for a New Mail Client

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Dear all,

thanks for this lovely opensource development. There was no hesitation to enter sponsorship.

Nearly all services out of my personal nextcloud installation have been integrated choosing it as a standard /e/-account apart from email. My question is whether there are any plans to integrate K9 standard mail client (/apps/mail) with the standard mail app offered by nextcloud. If not, are there any hints to hacks or continuing development to contribute through testing.

Best regards


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