Integreating Murena Calender into Linux mints standard calender

Hi guys

I tried integrating my Murena-calender into my linux Mint standard calender. I managed to connect the account to the calender but there was no import of the calender.

Is this even possible? If you have managed to do it, how did you do it?

in GNOME environments, the package “gnome-online-accounts” is a one-stop config to have the caldav/carddav sync setup. What kind of linuxmint edition, cinnamon? they ship that package, but not sure in which version.

Linux Mint uses Gnomes’ “Online Accounts” Integration compatible with different services to integrate online ressources to the desktop environment.

Go to Linux Mints settings menue, select “internetaccounts” (maybe called different, I roughly translatet it from german; but it’s a white cloud on a blue background).

Choose “Nextcloud”, Server “”, Username your email, and your password. If you use two factor authentication, you need to create an app password.

After that, all your murena calendars, contacts and files should be integrated into mints desktop environment (and in Evolution mail client if you use it, but the mail account needs to be added separatly).

Hope that helps.

This is all available by default, you shouldn’t need to add any package. At least at the current release of LM 21.2


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