Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcomm decide to cut Huawei out

… Chipmakers including Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom Inc have told their employees they will not supply Huawei until further notice, according to people familiar with their actions… read more

ZTE was in a similar situation awhile back but eventually squared things away. Huawei’s situation seems a bit worse. If I remember correctly even Japan had banned the use of Huawei phones by government officials not too long ago. Even the Huawei CFO was arrested back in December for reasons I forgot. Things don’t look good for them.

@Manoj, could some /e/ spokesmen speak with Huawei about negotiating new phones being released with /e/ on them? I mean, Huawei is probably desperate, and this is the most crucial point! Don’t waste the moment of oppertunity!!!

Economic warfare, trade-war. It proves all these corporate businesses like Google work for a certain government…


Huawei works with Aptoide to replace the Google Play Store

Huawei announced they have their own OS in development, this situation is only stepping up the progress.

Whether Huawei does have backdoors built into their phones through firware, etc, or this is just hysterics, if it is the former, /e/ would not want to be on Huawei phones, this would be in congruent with the privacy vision…

That being said, definitely an opportunity here for /e/ in some shape or form, if not its a great press opportunity, as the datga privacy issue is front and center in this news story.


In the early 2000s China was not on the top 500 supercomputer list. Lately they have dominated it. And with their own hardware. These childlike spats will serve to spur innovation in China.