Interesting project but too old Android version

Actually all /e/ rom are based on nougat 7 version… Please update to newer version… It’s surely a technical choice but downgrade from pie to nougat is not thinkable in my mind… Hope /e/ ROM could be ported for Oreo even pie …I have actually 2 devices where I could install /e/ ROM …I tried only on moto g falcon for the moment

Porting to Oreo is in progress, stay tuned to the announcement channel.

Yes, it was a technical choice to start with Nougat when /e/ project started.


@patrick is it fair to assume that all the currently supported devices will be supported for next version of android? I use One Plus x. There is no Oreo support for my device from lineage. Since /e/ is based on the lineage I worry that I will be left out with Nougat while others progress to Oreo and may be eventually to Pie.:frowning_face:

I can only quote the website

Supported devices
At the moment, we’re developing for LeEco Le2, Xiaomi Mi5S and Essential Phone PH1. The list of devices currently supported by /e/ is available here.

It will grow over time, but possibly not all devices from this list will be officially supported if they become obsolete.

On the other hand, as /e/ will be open-source, we count on the community to support and maintain /e/ for rare devices.

So there is no guarantee existing phones will be supported on the next beta release. I think it depends on how close they stick to LineageOS, or at some point make a break and develop as a completely divergent project.

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@mchasard hope you have checked out the current device list available here The /e/ port to oreo or eelo-0.2 branch has begun. More devices will be added to the list.