Internal DNS Server and let´s encryt certificate Problems


I have some trouble with my internal DNS Server. I use OpenSense as firewall with DNSMasq as DNS Serer and the fairphone 2 as device.

The DNS queries don´t resolved (no IP to name) in Browser or Nextcloud Client.

Also the phone uses the old let´s encrypt certificate of my nexcloud server inside the DMZ.
The renewal runs perfect.

No other device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, Fedora32, Windows 10 Pro, Centos7 / 8, fairphone open OS) had DNS or certificate problems.

From Outside, everthings runs perfekt with /e/.


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How is DNS configured in your phone ?
You may have to check “use DNS from your provider”, then WiFi will use your DHCP-provided DNS address :wink:

All informations about internal network comes form the central DHCP Server (IP, Gateway, DNS1, DNS2, internal Domain)

DNS settings a set to “use DNS from your provider”.

DNS Server is dnsmasq on a opnsense firewall.

I will test it tomorrow in the internal company network (bigger windows domain network with 4 DNS Server).

Found it!
The phone doesn´t use the first DNS Server!
DNS1 = my DNS Server (not encrypted)
DNS2 = (encrypted)

hmmm… OK … good to know :-/