Internet access even with WIFI and Data disabled


I’m ahaving a strange issue.
Sometimes I have internet access even if my WIFI and Data are disabled.
I notice that because I’m receiving app notifications (mail, messenger…).

It seems that it is releI checked in my settings and they are clearly set to disabled.
However, I see to suspicious settings that could be linked to the issue.

Both “4G call” and “MMS send without data activated” were activated. When I deactivate them, I have no more internet access. But when reactivating them it does not come back.

So I’m nt sure this is thee reason but there is definitely something strange here.

Anyone is getting this same behoaviour? Is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.


there’s a checkbox to allow for “background mobile data” to activate itself in the Network settings if I recall correctly.

Good question if 4g call option is enough to let some bytes go through, it is packet based in the end not much different than the data traffic.