Internet Banking app to download

Hello. I have just installed /e/, then I need to install some Internet banking app.
For the moment it only can be downloaded by Google play store, which in not available with this OS.
I do not find. Akp app…

How can I install them?!
I need it for my job…

Thank you for your advise!

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Did you have a look at Aurorastore?
Not all banking apps will work, but you might be lucky.

Me neither. What kind of bank is this? When I start the search in GPStore with “Akp”, I get a lot of apps displayed, but no banking app. A precise name / description would help …

I could download it at Aurora store!!! Thank you very much :blush:

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It was Argenta, small banking Belgium. But I found it!

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Triodos Bank? Anyone knows where to find it?


Also on Aurora store…

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