Internet connection problems: some apps can't connect to mobile internet, unstable WiFi

HI! Today I installed /e/ 0.20 on a Samsung Galaxy S8. OS runs smooth, but i encounter problems with the internet connection:

  • WIFI at home works like a charm
  • WIFI at work: when I initially connect it, the WIFI works, but when i disconnect (e.g. briefly leave the building, or turn off WIFI) the phone can’t reconnect to the saved network. only thing that works is delete (‘forget’) the network and reconnect (i.e. re-enter my username + password)
  • some apps can’t connect to the mobile internet. i can use the browser, but e.g. telegram, whatsapp, sometimes spotify, an other apps tell me they have no internet connection

Things I tried so far:

  • reset WIFI, mobile & Bluetooth (i did this a couple of times today)
  • set DNS-IP to (i have no idea what this does, just stumbled upon it in this forum)

Does this make sense to anybody? Anything I could try next? Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

This sounds similar to the case I meanwhile made. Feel free to add informations there.


If you have access to MAC address randomization in WiFi network advanced settings, try to turn it off.

As we already found out this depends on the device. My FP3 has no developer option for that.

Hi! Thanks for the hint, but as irrlicht pointed out, I don’t have such an option on my device.

I got some issue with network WiFi and Edge lost I change the DNS for the ( This may help just to try … No need to install their apps or any apps just enter the adress in your DNS settings