Invisv's Pretty Good Phone Privacy service

I’ve been seeing a lot of news about this privacy-centric mobile service. Most articles are like press releases but this one includes more info.

This Privacy Service Tries to Prevent Your Cell-Phone Carrier From Tracking You | PCMag

The service is not cheap, requires eSIM devices, has no phone number thus no calls or SMS/MMS, uses AT&T for the backend virtual carrier.

Sounds like a list of cons but at the same time some pros. No carrier tracking, randomized IMSI, relaying (multi-hop) traffic (VPN really).

Figure if one wanted to start off fresh they could get a Pixel, install CalyxOS, Graphene, or some other unGoogled OS, the PGPP service, and something like (to have a number people can call as well as send SMS/MMS) to have what sounds like a pretty good private setup.

INVISV | People First Privacy


For those who like to read debates, discussion, legalities, pros, cons, etc. there is quite the discussion on ycombinator (Hacker News) regarding PGPP and related matters. Quite interesting.

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Notably eSIMs currently require Play Services or microG for activation.
And the eUICC stack is obviously proprietary.

Yeah. I was reading some info about that at the Graphene GitHub regarding that.
It’s like for every upside of something there’s a downside. sigh

In general I prefer to set up a ROM with neither Google nor microG. The day when eSIMs can be used without neither, something like PGPP would seem pretty good.

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