Invitations breaks calendar synchronization

Hello all,

could someone please verify, if this is a general problem.

My wife and me (Fairphone 4 and Fairphone 3) are unable to create common calendar appointments including invitations to each other. I have an old and my wife an address.

The calendar appointment seems to save, but as soon as there is a background sync of the calender, I get a 404 error and no sync to the cloud. Removing the invitation or deleting the appointment clears the error. This error happens in both directions.

Strangely I can invite extenal mail adresses (I have an old personal mail account not with murena), and those work as expected.

If I remember correctly, invitations in the past worked normal but I’m not 100% sure as my wife only switched 2 month ago and might have sent invitations to my old mail account. So the workaround is just simply not to use murena/ for the invited but an old mail adress outside murena.


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