Iodé OS vs /e/OS

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I just got a teracube 2e (renewed) with /e/OS installed and I see that iodé OS already has a 18.1 build (android11) available ([ROM][2e][11.0] iodéOS = LineageOS 18.1 + MicroG + adblocker [03/12/2021] | XDA Forums)
Moreover I don’t see see any “r” build dev or stable but only 0.21 “q” flavor available /e/OS for the teracube 2e
I mean is there any “r” (11) eOS build dev at this time or soon or never ever ?
Thanks to share any info you have about that

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iodeOS is NOT open source.
The only repositories on their GitHub and GitLab are some forked apps and the device trees.
They do not publish their platform repositories, their repo manifests or their kernels.
Their big feature, the adblocker thing, is also proprietary.

iode · GitLab < forks and device trees
iodeOS · GitHub < used for hosting their OTA images and fdroid repo

I might not like /e/OS, but I strongly recommend against using iodeOS.

Note my bias, DivestOS is my project, although it predates most of these fwiw.


since it’s based on LineageOS, perhaps they just post source code for the parts they’ve modified?

Thanks for your words I trust what you say and respect for your project I would like to try it but I don’t have any compatible phone… (Umidigi F2/X and terracube 2e)

In same time like @noodlejetski I think that iodé have just to post only the part of source code modified and this is easy to see -for Lineage team I mean- and risky for their iodé project (phone sales)

Anyway it was just a comparison about android 11 which is already compiled by lineage* / iodé* AND Teracube team* (first batch) but not by eOS* Team nor stable nor dev…(*for Teracube 2e)

They do not publish their changes at all.

Most of the AOSP and Lineage repositories are only Apache-2.0 which does not require making available source code like GPL does.

iodeOS is a proprietary ROM.


No. They say on the front page of their web site

iodé relies on open source components*

*the iodé solution is not entirely open source yet.

So it is not open source. It may or may not be open source in future, but until then it’s proprietary. (Which is a shame, because it looks interesting, but I won’t be running any proprietary OS on my phones.)


Answer from Iodé OS Team :

iodé is based on LineageOS and partially open source (iode · GitLab ).
We’re a still a young project with original features such as the built-in adblocker we’re developping, and we’re trying to find an answer to the following question: is it possible to live from this activity/passion? That’s why we’re extremely cautious about releasing what makes our difference, are still thinking about the global strategy, but may open source the entire code in 2022.
We are slowly open sourcing though, each month adding code to our repos, and we will soon publish most of the modifications we made on common LineageOS repositories.
If you want our project to develop and survive on the long-term, please patient a bit more

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Thanks. Yes I saw that. I understand why they have not open sourced their code, but - in my opinion - they are wrong :slight_smile: iodé would be better if they opened the source and allowed the community to contribute as /e/ do.

And until they open source it, then it’s a proprietary OS, and is therefore not one I would install on my devices


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