Is 0.18-20210827122307 the latest update for FP3?

just some days ago I found this update on my FP3 by chance (no hint) and updated. It was the first update after having changed to Q in summer.
As the update is dated in August I thought there will be another update waiting, but my FP3 doesn’t find a newer update. Is that OK or do I have a problem with updates?
Sorry for asking but the summary emails I got in the past stopped some months ago.

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stable: Q Android 10
dev: R Android 11


Funny. You mention version 0.18-20210827122307 while on mine it’s 0.18-20210827132306, on the same Fairphone 3 model a priori.
For stable Andro 10, just verified in the system settings.
Maybe that’s due to the fact I installed /e/ myself instead of running the OTA updater?
At least, 132306 is the one on the server @kisman172 just mentioned…
Now, I don’t know where to find a change list, besides the generic one for v. 0.18 (which is already very nice!)…

In my case is 0.18-20210828132311 (Android 9). I installed it via OTA in my /e/ preinstalled FP3. I would like to have Q, but i dont know if its possible via OTA

It is not currently possible by OTA.


I initially installed Q in summer manually, the mentioned update came by OTA.
In the meantime my FP3 showed the update 0.19-20211027142973. I installed it this morning, it seems to be OK.
So my problem is solved.

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Sorry to be this silly, but what exactly is Q?

Android versions are; 7, Nougat, n | 8, Oreo, o | 9, Pie, p | Android 10, q | Android 11, r.


Hi, I currently have Android 9 and e OS 0.15-20210313105774 on FP3.

System updater shows an 0.19 version from Oct 27 (142976). Can I skip straight to that? Or should I install 0.16, 0.17, and/or 0.18 first? (I don’t see the versions mentioned above. the 0.18 is 0.18-20210815130098.)


/e/ versions work like this



/e/ updates aren’t incremental.

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Thank you. My phone shows OS 0.15-20210313105774 as the current version when I open System Updater, i.e. with no Android version, no “stable”, no device code (and no .zip).

Should I have one that says “stable” as part of the version? Stable is good, right?

The full version string with all the info is in Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version.

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I feel that is a failing in the updater, I would personally like to know that the updater had not made an error before I commit. I never had a fail though.

I am very content to have dev for every day. If you have dev installed you will be expecting dev delivered by updater.

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Under Android it says 9 – it would not have occurred to me to tap on it for more informaiton. Thanks for the tip!

So now I know I have a dev version. I guess I’ll be getting a dev version now too? We’ll see.
I chose to update to 0.18, and got this message:

(I tapped on the 0.18 version, the message says I am about to upgrade to 0.15)

Probably a typo? Can’t wait to see what I end up with!

PS: The notification at the end of the process says 0.15 has been installed.

But after reboot, the version information shown in Settings is correct - 0.18-20210815130098, dev

PPS: there’s a server mentioned above where the stable versions are available, but they’re all apparently for Android 10. I don’t know how to update my Android, and don’t know whether doing so would mess with my (self-installed) /e/ OS. If updating Android would be important, feel free to let me know (and also how). Thanks!

That is interesting that the updater made a mistake (in its notification only) that is in the order of 3 revisions! I believe there is an issue where the updater is reported to give a notification of “n -1” but I cannot find it.

Your result would indicate that that error is the updater seeming to collect its prediction off the device, rather than off the server!

Here is documentation on upgrading devices … (as it is made from templates be a little wary to double check it you follow the wording and that it seems correct) /e/ OS Version Upgrade

I suggest you just disregard stable. Second thoughts, your choice! /e/ image ROM download, as already mentioned above offers you dev, 10, q or 11, r.

Thanks for the hints concerning the meaning of the update version number. I had a look and found out that my FP3 has the following Build-Number: e_FP3-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.202111027.011913 dev-keys,dev-release. The zip for the update to Q/Android 10 was: After the zip I installed ls 0.18-20210827122307 by OTA updater.
That means, that on my phone is a development version, no stable version.
How to change to a stable version? Preferably by OTA updater. Installing a zip-image means losing apps and data in my opinion.

Not usually in my experience. Unless you are upgrading to a higher Android version (i.e. pie to Q or Q to R), then newer zip files can usually be ‘dirty flashed’ without losing data

This would not be too difficult to do, you would treat the job as an “/e/ version update” rather than “OS upgrade”. " Dirty flash" mentioned by @petefoth is really just the process used by OTA installer, that is flash the new ROM with no cleaning of the parts to which you save your changes.

OTA update has not been trained to do the change from dev to stable at this time.

Stable is really very little different from dev in the case of Fairphone except you are generally not exposed to very new updates, stable will usually just get a very similar build a certain time later.

You can simulate this by not installing any update for a period, say a month. When you first see an update, note the date on it, make a note to install it, say next month, if you heard no negative reports.

Thanks @aibd for the hints. As I re-locked the bootloader after the initial zip-installation of /e/ according to the installation guide I lost my data und apps by unlocking it for the update to Q/Android 10 (I should think about not to re-lock it the next time).
If there is only a difference in time between dev and stable version I will stay with my dev-version (never change a running system :wink: ).