Is app worth it?


So everything is in the title: I’m wondering if app (Cloudflare DNS basically if I’m not wrong) is worth it or not?

Is it good in terms of privacy? I see it’s rated 7/10 for Privacy, and it uses 2 trackers: Google CrashLytics and Google Firebase Analytics hence my concerns.

What guarantee do I have Cloudflare won’t sell my data as they claim on the description page?

Thank you in advance for your answers, highly appreciated,

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

You have no guarantee. Consider that using their services means more centralisation. So you can argue that using a more “unsafe” smaller local ISP is better for you in terms of privacy because less eyes sees your data even though that means not to use HTTPS over TLS and DoT.

In my eyes Cloudflare is as bad as Google but more incompetent what their regular worldwide outtages proves.

And technically the app is not worth it because there’s a /e/ OS setting for “secure” DNS.

Thanks a lot @Scytale,

I didn’t know /e/ OS comes with a secure DNS: is it installed by default? If not, how can I enable it? How does it work?

In the settings app search for “DNS”. There should be an option “private DNS”.
There you can manually put in the address of an DNS provider who supports DoT.

In the case ouf Cloudflare it would be “”. That should do the same what this Cloudflare app does.

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