Is android 13 coming?

I like some features found in ansroid 13 on some custom roms. For instance the Network permission for installed apps. Will the next update include that feature ?
I’m using now e-1.8 s that doesn’t permit to really deny network access to apps.

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“Work on customizing the /e/OS source code to work with Android 13 is under progress.”

About “network permission”… I’m not sure I understood what you mean because I’ve Android 12 but on Android 12 (S) you can cut access to internet individually, app by app.



Yes, on android 12, under Mobile data and WiFi, it’s possible to toggle and deny internet access, but I noticed two months ago that the app still has internet.
When this is managed by Permission manager, my Google Translate offline translation refused to work, because it’s completely offline. This works only on android 13

It exists from years in android, for sure Nougat, Pie have it, here for Browser in Red Velvet Cake -->settings -->applications -->Browser -->data and wifi

Is android 13 coming?

Yes, /e/ team is working on it, i think you can expect it during the summer.


I use AFWall for that. You can set per app internet permissions. Need to be rooted, though.

There is a big difference between: Network permission under permission manager and Network toggling under Mobile data and Wifi. The first one is more reliable.

Unfortunately I don’t want root. But android 13 on some roms allows it natively

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