Is Anyone using Chatr in Canada?

Hello all,
I am looking for information whether /e/ phones work with the operator Chatr in Canada.
If anyone is using it, can you please share.


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I believe the phones on /e/ eshop are european models and they might not work on lte in Canada.
Only Murena Teracube 2e is available for USA (i think USA-CANADA have the same frequencies)
you can check the frequencies here

If the phone supports the Canadian bands should be ok.Better get a second hand from Canada and flash the /e/ rom yourself.
another good site to find out the supported freuencies by model//variant phone is
Fairphone 3: Price, specs and best deals find your phone go down to “Kimovil Frequency Checker” and select Canada

Hi @Shenol. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) running /e/OS 0.18 dev Oreo, and it works fine with the Chatr network in Canada.

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