Is App Lounge's Telegram Maleware?


I have installed Telegram (not FOSS) via App Lounge.

The app does not appear as an icon on the phone, nor in the list of apps. I can only launch it through App Lounge. I can’t uninstall it with App Lounge either, that doesn’t seem to be possible with the app.

Telegram also behaves differently than what I am used to. It is not in the phone’s language and always rebuilds the screen content and network connection when switching between apps.

I have a really bad feeling about this story and now don’t trust my phone at all.

What is the risk that I have caught maleware or spyware through App Lounge?

How can I find this app and uninstall it? Wouldn’t a complete wipe of the phone be better?

Thanks in advance

App Lounge offers Telegram FOSS, Telegram X, and the Telegram PWA (a WebApp). The PWA label is shown in the listing.
If you did not install ‘X’ then more than likely you installed the PWA.
If it is the PWA then it’s behavior may be at the mercy of your network (Advanced Privacy).

When I installed it a shortcut was placed on my desktop (Lynx Launcher). Once removed it still can be opened via Lounge.
I have forgotten how to get it so it doesn’t show as installed.


Hi marcdw,

after my first panic I didn’t want to start the app and also turned off the networks.

After your post I calmed down a bit and took a closer look at the app. It’s on GitHub, which calms me down a bit.

The app is not an actual app, so it opens in default browser without you being able to see that it’s a browser because Telegram’s icon is displayed in the running apps overview, right?

Nevertheless, it is of course unpleasant that I can only start the app via App Lounge and have neither a way to reinstall the app nor to recreate the icon.

Thanks for the feeedback, I will create a bugreport on GitHub if there is none yet.


Searching old threads I found one of my posts that reminded me.

PWAs are run by a system app called PWA Player. I don’t have a default browser so I figure it uses the underlying WebView.
Clearing its data will remove PWAs. Confirmed by checking in App Lounge. Telegram button changes from OPEN to INSTALL.

Settings → Apps & notifications → See all ### apps → three dot menu → Show system
(or similar depending on Android version)

Look for PWA Player in the list.


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