Is bootloader locked on new Murena phones?

On brand new phones bought from the Murena store, for example the Teracube 2e, will the bootloader be locked?

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Depends on the device, I guess.
If the install instructions via command line for a device lock the bootloader at the end, the corresponding Murena phone should come with a locked bootloader.

The install instructions for the 2020 and for the 2021 Teracube 2e leave the bootloader unlocked.
For comparison: The install instructions for the Fairphone 3/3+ and for the Fairphone 4 lock the bootloader at the end.

With a purchased phone … for a Customer, I should ask I would be interested to hear the answer.

I checked with the porting team reg this…the response is not all devices allow locking with a custom ROM. The Fairphone are an exception and allow locking the bootloader. The Teracube 2e does not. We expect to be able to lock the bootloader on the Teracube emerald soon and will share the instructions with all users.


Sounds great, thanks.
However, may I respectfully ask for instructions for the “first batch” Teracube2e-s as well? (darn this two kinds of Teracube2e-s…what a bummer)


The 2020 model 2e guides are over here the 2021 model emerald guides are here
:point_right: Note the emerald guide with lock bootloader instructions has not been published as yet.
Will inform users when the guide is published.

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Hi Manoj,
Thanks for the links - however, I was not talking about the installation instructions (I am over that and have /e/) but the bootloader locking instructions (as per this post).
What I was asking for is to eventually have locking instructions not just for the emerald Teracube2e batch, but for the first batch of Teracube2e-s as well.
Your link to the the first batch (Teracube2e) is, in fact, not directly to the installation instructions but to the specs sheet of the Teracube2e. It has an inaccuracy re SD cards: the phone does support SD cards up to 128GB. I had to ask them for this because they themselves don’t have it in the tech specs on their own site. Also, an important thing: the page still says that only the first batch is supported for /e/, while the second batch (“emerald”) is also supported now for /e/.


A section on locking the bootloader has been added to the Teracube emerald guide

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I bought Murena Teracube 2e - Murena - deGoogled phones and services delivered with unlocked bootloader.
On the documentation Install /e/ on a Teracube Teracube 2e (2021) - “emerald” it is indicated
“Once you have completed the above steps and BEFORE rebooting you can and should lock your Bootloader”

Can I block the bootloader now on a preloaded and configured emerald without loss of data or warranty?

If impossible, can murena support take care of this remote request on a purchased smartphone?

Thank you for this information

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How can i tell if my terracube is the emerald? Is that what the e is for in teracube 2e?

You can look at the serial number under the battery or dial *#06#. If the serial number starts with 2020 (ex: 202011T2Exxxxxx) it is a 2e If the serial number starts with 2021 (ex: 202111T2Exxxxxx) it is the emerald model.

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