Is differential location reporting possible?

I would like to use fake location in Advanced Privacy, for everything, except the navigation app (Maps).
For the Internet Address, I see there is a way to choose “fake IP”, but disable this feature for specific applications.
Is there such a feature available for location? (so I can allow only specific apps to see my real location, and all others to see the “random location”)

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Unfortunatly this option is not available yet…Don’t know if it’s plan or not.
Actually when you use spoofing location, it is apply for all apps.
You can read more here :

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I am wondering the same thing. I have AirGuard installed which, unfortunately, needs to use the real location to work. Since I prefer to never turn on Location, or if I do, for that to be fake, this presents a problem.

If there were a way to assign real location to some apps and fake location or OFF for others, this would allow for both location-based use for trusted apps and fake/no locations for all others.

The current workaround is to use location ON but deny access to all apps except Maps & AirGuard (for in use only, and always, respectively).

Unfortunately, microG Services Core cannot be denied access or even just set to only when in use (which is really the same as always ON), so this is an issue, since the only way to stop microG SC from knowing location is to set it OFF or fake.

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