Is /e/ already rooted?

Is e already rooted after installation, or do I have to use Magisk?
The file explorer app seems to have access to the entire file system, but I never saw it mentioned anywhere.

I tried to search this question, but the short name doesn’t google well.

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You will have to use Magisk.

How can you tell?
I don’t see this on my Fairphone 3 on 0.23-q-20220406175186-dev-FP3.

What does it say for you in Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version (can be long-tapped and copied to clipboard from Android 10 on)?

How can you tell?

On my unrooted phone I can only see like four folders in the file explorer, I thought that was because it lacked root access.
I’m using the latest dev release for the S4 Mini (e-0.13-n-2020121089402).

I can only see like four folders in the file explorer,

Can I just try to rule out one thing? The Files app, when first opened displays Recent.

Using the three bar menu top left opens a navigator (my expression) the top part of this panel links to shortcuts, while the lower part links to a regular file explorer:

  • Device (by name)
  • SD card (if correctly installed as external storage).

The view is toggled by a switch (upper part of screen on the left).

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Even if /e/ provide an unrooted system to their users,
A device running /e/OS can be recognised by some apps as have been rooted, because before installation, you need to unlock the boot loader, that is optain root privilège, and using fastboot, TWRP or another recovery manager, that is a root access to the device.