Is email service down?

Hello, is service down? On thunderbird Iā€™m getting timeout errors about Thunderbird not connecting, and when trying to access webmail on with my account and password, I can get to the cloud, but once trying to launch the email it gets stuck at trying, but never actually getting there.

After a while, it got to the second login page for just email, and there the login fails with timeout, this on webmail attempt.

It seems really down, :frowning:

Yes there seems to an issue with the mail servers. The infra team has been notified and is looking into the issue. Will update once I have additional inputs.

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The issue has been resolved. Mails should be accessible now.

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Thanks a lot ! Can be closed then.

Hi there!

I am experiencing a related issue:

I just renewed my murena account password for stronger security.
I can log in my murena cloud without problem but when trying yo access my webmail, I am prompted for a password again, neither old or new password seems to work, Iā€™m locked out of my e.mail account with no visible option to recover it.
Same problem within /e/os, I am now getting constant authentication failure notifications.

Any suggestion? Thanks for any help!

There is no issue with the sending or receiving of emails. If you continue to have these problems, pl send a mail to and the infra team members can take a look at your account.

Thanks for the answer, my problem is not about sending or receiving email, but about log into the webmail after a password change. I did send a email to the helpdesk. I hope they will be able to solve this issue.