Is /e/OS able to remove Facebook trackers?

Hi everyone,

I think this topic has partially been covered before in the case of work profiles with Shelter, but I can’t see a clear explanation for a regular use.

It seems Advanced Privacy can not remove all trackers found by Exodus, especially concerning Facebook trackers. Why is that?

Example with the Yespark app:

In Advanced Privacy:

Last report created on Exodus Privacy for Yespark was in 2019, so i performed a new analysis and the amount of trackers went down from 8 (report 2019) to 4 (newest report)

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Nice to know, thanks! But still one remaining Facebook tracker that AP does not take into account.

Could try to use the browser form of Facebook. Usually what i do - The only thing that usually doesnt work is messages, but if you make your browser “Desktop Mode” you can access your messages. Its not ideal but it works.

Have you tried any of the Facebook lite / wrappers? believe Tinfoil does exactly what i described above, just in app form


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Thanks for your answer but I’m not looking to access Facebook in any way, on the contrary. I just wish AP would block Facebook trackers that many apps use.

The weird thing is that AP detects 5 trackers compared to 4 by Exodus, and also only 1 tracker is the same (Adjust)
I noticed in the screenshot from AP that the trackers without a link (;; also do not appear in the list of trackers on the Exodus website.
Maybe AP and Exodus use different names for the trackers?

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